It Build’s Character: Character Options for 5th Edition


A book packed full of character options for 5th Edition.


5th edition does a wonderful job of boiling the myriad characters from fantasy literature into the 12 classes. However, there is limited room for customization. It Builds Character Presents players and GMs alike with myriad options for character customization and advancement.

This book features:

  • 12 new playable races
  • 36 class archetypes (3 per class, more than doubling the options in the PHB)
  • a new playable character class (the Psion) with three archetypes
  • a double fistful of additional feats
  • a beastiary of plant creatures for the Druids of the Verdant Gale (one of the new druid archetypes).

This book is essential for any serious 5th Edition Player or GM.

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