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Ex Mortis

“She came into my bar. If I had to choose one
moment in time when my life started to turn to shit, it was when her shadow fell on my floor…”

Evil Davis knows things – knows things that he cannot possibly know. What some would call a gift, he calls a curse. When his gift reveals that one of his patrons, Lyric, is going to die – he follows her in an attempt to save her life.

He fails miserably, and she blames him for her death.

The dead girl reaches out from beyond the grave and drags Evil’s fiancee, Miranda, into the velvet shadow – the land of the dead. With the help of a voodoun priest, Felix, Evil travels into the shadows to rescue his soul mate from the vengeful spirit.

Evil doesn’t travel alone, however. His best friends, Timber and Feral go with him. The three face down the forces of the Ferrymen, the Jade City and the Dragon. Will they make it back with their souls in tact?


Evil, Feral, and Timber once more wade into adventure.

The werewolves and vampires are on the brink of war. Evil Davis, however, doesn’t believe in vampires or werewolves. Ghosts, the angel of death, Lucifer, Voudoun – yes. But not vampires and werewolves. That doesn’t stop them from dragging him into their politics, though.

Evil once again finds himself at the mercy of the whims of fate and caught between two dangerous supernatural factions and must act.

With the help of allies old and new, Evil must face new terrifying enemies and challenges that he might not be read for. Blood sucking vampires, vicious rage filled lycanthropes and more socialization than any one human should rightfully endure.

Is Evil up to the test?


Evil Davis can sense the impending death of those around him. This has been both a blessing and a curse, but it makes him a prime candidate for a new job. When Uriel decides to retire, Evil steps up and takes on the mantle of the Angel of Death. Evil does what he does best – he fucks it up.



The Care and Feeding of Your Aspie: A guide to Autistic to Neurotypical Communications

The interactions between Neurotypical individuals and Autistic Spectrum Individuals can be difficult at the best of times and downright nightmarish at others. This book was written to streamline these interactions by helping NTs and ASD individuals understand each other better.


5th Edition Books

It Builds Character Complete
5th edition does a wonderful job of boiling the myriad characters from fantasy literature into the 12 classes. However, there is limited room for customization. It Builds Character Presents players and GMs alike with myriad options for character customization and advancement.

This book features:

  • 12 new playable races
  • 36 class archetypes (3 per class, more than doubling the options in the PHB)
  • a new playable character class (the Psion) with three archetypes
  • a double fistful of additional feats
  • a beastiary of plant creatures for the Druids of the Verdant Gale (one of the new druid archetypes).

This book is essential for any serious 5th Edition Player or GM.


Van Helsing’s Guide to the Unquiet Dead

The Unquiet Dead They rise from the dead and prey on the living. The Necromancer can, however, control them with careful study and control of the negative energy permeating the planes.

Nothing terrifies the living more than a corpse shambling towards them in a dark hallway moaning softly. That is, unless, the person in question is a necromancer and the shambling dead is under his control.

Van Helsing’s Guide to the Unquiet Dead is a supplement for fifth edition that unlocks the mysteries of Necromancy and the Undead. This book was written for players and GMs alike, with new spells, character options, magic items and a beastiary of the undead.

This book contains:

  • 1 new playable race
  • 4 new backgrounds
  • 3 new character archetypes
  • 11 feats geared towards Necromancy
  • more than 45 new spells for the Necromancer on the go
  • 53 undead horrors to control, summon and terrify players with
  • New magic items and trinkets


PARALLAX: Fantasy Role-Playing in the Depths of Space

Parallax takes your 5th Edition adventures out into the depths of space. Unlike most supplements that take adventurers into space, Parallax eschews technology in favor of the magical Voidrunners – spacefaring vessels powered by magic.

  • 12 Races
  • 12 new class archetypes
  • the Psion Class and psionic powers
  • new backgrounds
  • new magic items
  • new spells
  • beastiary


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