Van Helsing’s Guide to the Unquiet Dead: Necromancy for 5th Edition


An expansive look at necromancy with class archetypes, spells, creatures and magic items.


The Unquiet Dead They rise from the dead and prey on the living. The Necromancer can, however, control them with careful study and control of the negative energy permeating the planes.

Nothing terrifies the living more than a corpse shambling towards them in a dark hallway moaning softly. That is, unless, the person in question is a necromancer and the shambling dead is under his control.

Van Helsing’s Guide to the Unquiet Dead is a supplement for fifth edition that unlocks the mysteries of Necromancy and the Undead. This book was written for players and GMs alike, with new spells, character options, magic items and a beastiary of the undead.

This book contains:

  • 1 new playable race
  • 4 new backgrounds
  • 3 new character archetypes
  • 11 feats geared towards Necromancy
  • more than 45 new spells for the Necromancer on the go
  • 53 undead horrors to control, summon and terrify players with
  • New magic items and trinkets
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