We have no bananas today! (Or Ever)

There are a lot of things our there in the world that I find annoying or just plain stupid. There are others that offend me or just plain piss me off. I have found something that has managed to do all of these things and more!

Here it is: http://www.untilabortionends.com/en-us/default.aspx

While I admire those who have found a real cause, a reason to live or religion. That takes a certain strength of character that I am not sure I posses. Honestly. But when these things cross that line to impacting the rights of others, they stop being admirable and become a form of oppression.

This site had the “Whole Life Pledge.” Here it is

I PROMISE, in accordance with the Whole Life ethic, to always promote and protect human dignity from the child in the womb, to the child in Darfur, from the embryo to the elderly, no matter the cost to myself.

These people have their beliefs. I applaud them. But these people are so arrogant to think that giving up little things in their lives – like iPods, french fries, taco bell and coke products will make that pledge come true.


Other people have given up chocolate, ice cream, alcohol, soda, video games, pepsi, coffee, m&ms, beef and pork, sleeping in, sleeping in a bed, Baileys Irish Cream, Reece’s cups, sour skittles, cheerios, Dr. Pepper, oreos, hot chocolate, goldfish crackers… Talk about personal sacrifices… Did you notice that most of the things that were given up were things you eat?

THIS! This is dedication to life!

I mean these people are amazing pillars of the moral majority, right? They gave up snack foods and a bed! No real personal freedoms, no real inconveniences… but dammit! They are committed to a cause! They are dedicated! They are COMMITTED!

You can see the videos of these people stating what they are giving up RIGHT HERE!

I honestly applaud them for having the strength of their convictions. I really do. They have more conviction than most of the country… hell, more than most of the world, really.

But, I also find the strength of their convictions laughable… “I am going to make a sacrifice!” Sacrifice for political change is supposed to be something that gets attention  and motivates the law… You giving up Dr. Pepper is NOT going to get anyone’s attention.

A public hunger strike, self immolation, standing in front of a tank and getting your ass run over… These are things that get attention.

You not eating ice-cream? All you are doing is inconveniencing yourself. Seriously… do you think law makers are going to give a flying rat fuck about your Dr. Pepper deficiency? If you do…I got news for you… if you don’t have enough money to be in the top 1% of our population, they don’t care. Period. Deal.

I understand… it’s a moral stance… it’s something that you feel strongly about and can make yourself feel important by changing something in your life…

So… I decided that I am going to do something similar to you… I am giving up bananas on my blog.

“Bananas on your blog? How will that get anyone’s attention???”

You really haven’t been here very long. I have OCD… I don’t know why, but I LOVE BANANAS… not the fruit itself, but songs, pictures, phones, videos… I am OBSESSED with them. So… Here is my pledge.

Feral’s Pledge of Moral Moralitude
I pledge that until congress removes all restrictions governing a woman’s rights to sovereignty of her own body, AND until LGBT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lgbt) people all across the United States of America can marry who they want, I am giving up bananas on my blog.

This woman is my hero in the cause of Gay Marriage:

The images in this issue were SHAMELESSLY stolen from the following sources:

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