Self-Advocacy Moment… ONE PISSED OFF MOTHER.

Today… I was on facebook and a friend posted something that made me see red. On twitter @lennonandmaisy posted a picture. It was of an anonymous letter that had been slipped under the door of the parents of an Autistic Child.

Below is the letter.

This very kind of thing is the reason I have this blog. This is the kind of hateful and spiteful kind of thing I fight against every day… this is the kind of ignorant BS that we, as Austists and parents of Autists deal with DAILY…

So… I want it made clear that I, and most of the Autistic Spectrum Community, are behind you on this. I hope @lennonandmaisy will share this with their family friends and let them know that this outrage is EXACTLY that… an outrage. It is the act of a small minded, rude and idiotic person with no compassion, intelligence or love in their heart. Do not despair… It gets better…

It has also been my experience that ANYONE who claims to speaking for an unvoiced majority… is FULL OF SHIT… So… take solace in the fact that your family is welcome… and if not, move here to New Orleans where Autists of all stripes are not only tolerated, but welcomed.

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