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Care and Feeding of Your Aspie: Part 48 – Aren’t We All Just a Little Autistic?

There is a question that I have encountered a number of times that bothers me. “Aren’t we all just a little Autistic?” I hold nothing against the people that ask this… As a matter of fact, several that have asked me that are good friends of mine.

But I have to say that the answer is No. No we aren’t.

In the past, I have been glib in my response to it, and I am sure I have hurt some feelings… but it is frustrating… if we were all a little Autistic, then Autists and Aspies would be the norm…we’d be the NTs and the Irrational Feelies (IFs for short) would be the odd ones, not us.

So… I have to say no… no… a thousand times no.

A friend of mine states that a lot of people have strong autistic perceptions. I’ve actually heard this phrase a couple times, but have never really explored it. I have tried on several occasions to research it… but have failed to wrap my mind around it.

I have to say, this… if you feel you have Autistic or Aspie tendencies, then there are two possibilities (as I see it). 1) you ARE an Aspie or Autistic. -or- 2) As an NT, your empathy is probably tricking you into thinking that you have these traits and is unaware of what it is really like.

I know, some people are offended by this, but that is not the intent… and honestly, if you are offended by the statement, I can truthfully say that it is unlikely that you are one of us.

HOWEVER… if you are plagued by “Autistic Perceptions” and are convinced that it is not a case of Empathy, then the next thing you NEED to do is start on the path of Diagnosis. The first step on that path is self diagnosis… If you have the perceptions of an Autist, then you really need to be sure… You need to know. Why? Well… Knowing is half the battle… right?

The test found HERE is a good bench mark. It is by NO MEANS an actual diagnosis… that requires a health care professional. But go ahead… take test. I’ll wait because this is important. What did you score? If you scored over 32… There is a good chance that you are Autistic or an Aspie…

Why does it matter? Well… honestly, I have struggled my entire life with the issues that accompany my Asperger’s Syndrome. Literally, it is a struggle every day. It may be overly emotional and irrational, but when someone claims to be partially Autistic/Aspie or, for that matter, completely Autistic/Aspie – it seems that they are minimizing my personal experiences and struggles. I know that is not their intent… but it is how it all feels.

As such… I will always answer “No.” to that question. I try not to draw a line in the sand between NT and Autist, but it’s already there. Fortunately, there are methods to determine which side of the line you are on. Fortunately, we are all thinking beings… and the line does not require that we throw down… only that we acknowledge our beautiful differences.

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