Morning glories and me a day!

You probably know about my fire works saga. You probably know about my Me a Day project. You don’t? well… You can read about it here… (Episode 1: Quality control and Episode 2: Black Cat Update) and my “Me a Day” project is a series of self portraits taken over the span a year. (It can be seen here.)


I picked up some VERY LONG (almost 3 feet long) morning glories. If you don’t know what a morning glory is… it’s kind of like a sparkler, but with more oomph.

I set up the camera and was ready… in case something worth while happened…

An apt expression of my
expected disappointment

To be honest… I’ve been so disillusioned by this whole experience that I was prepared… I was prepared for the ultimate disappointment… I was prepared for another one of these…

My lip already trembling with disappointment… I lit it.

I lit it and there was much glee. There was colored fire, sparks and shooty-poppy-starbursty bits. It was… awesome.

No… wait… it’ wasn’t awesome… but all things are relative. After the disappointment of Fsssss…pop! and Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and 4 second sparklers… this was awesome! Absolutely fantastic. It was as awesome as this:

I took some time lapse photos of the actual event. They… Like the morning glory, are amazing.

Multi-colored fire and sparks.

shooty-poppy-starbursty bits

Then I had an idea.

It was an amazing idea.

It was an idea of epicness.

It was the idea of a pyrotechnic god.

It was one of my worst ideas… I should have known better.

After I had gotten my pictures with the morning glory taken, I decided I was going to take the short lived, sad excuses for sparklers I had gotten the other day and burn them. I was going to light them and enjoy them… ALL AT ONCE.

It would be a fireball of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

And it was… it was exactly that – a fireball… Of. Epic. Proportions.

You see, these sparklers were all about 7 inches long. I grabbed them by the little handle-y bit in a big bundle and lit them…


This is not a reenactment – this is the actual event.

It turns out, that when you apply a great deal of heat, the sparklers have a 4 second life span. This is a a bit shorter than the normal 10 second lifespan of these little death sticks, so I was understandably surprised.

Fsssssssssss – KAFWOOSH!!!

I have no hair on the back of my left hand… at least on the back of my fingers. I have spots dancing in front of my eyes and the neighborhood smells of magnesium and gunpowder. My hand smells faintly of burning hair. There is a pool of ash in the parking lot and I almost had a frigging heart attack…

You know what?


And this is me totally satisfied.

I would even do it again, but I’m crazy like that!

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