Soo… My novel is coming out soon

Seriously… It should be available on amazon  really soon for print and kindle… Within 6 weeks, it should be available for classrooms, resellers and institutions…

“She came into my bar. If I had to choose one moment in time when my life started to turn to shit, it was when her shadow fell on my floor…”

Evil Davis knows things – knows things that he cannot possibly know. What some would call a gift, he calls a curse. When his gift reveals that one of his patrons, Lyric, is going to die – he follows her in an attempt to save her life.

He fails miserably, and she blames him for her death.

The dead girl reaches out from beyond the grave and drags Evil’s fiancee, Miranda, into the velvet shadow – the land of the dead. With the help of a voodoun priest, Felix, Evil travels into the shadows to rescue his soul mate from the vengeful spirit.

Evil doesn’t travel alone, however. His best friends, Timber and Feral go with him. The three face down the forces of the Ferrymen, the Jade City and the Dragon. Will they make it back with their souls in tact?

Here’s the front cover. 

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