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Care and Feeding of your Aspie: Part 31 – No… IT’S NOT CAUSED BY VACCINES!

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Let’s talk about autism… Specifically what causes it… ACTUALLY… what doesn’t cause it.

There is a lot of talk in the media and on social media sites about what causes autism. Most of the time, these people are placing blame on a chemical called thimerosal. It is a chemical salt that contains methylmurcury. One publication went so far as to state that it was “the cause.” Meaning it was the only contributing factor.

My issue with these statements is that the people who are spouting all of this nonsense a) have no understanding of the way chemistry works -and- b) Don’t bother to do any research. Within 3 minutes of deciding to write this piece, I had already discovered a basic fact that disproves that thimerosal is the cause of autism. Let me explain.

Let’s start with the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It’s origins date back to the 1840s. So, we have a pretty solid grasp on the history of certain mental conditions. Autism was classified in 1911. That means that this condition was acknowledged and given status as a “real thing” in 1911. Normally, before that can happen there are YEARS of study to understand the dynamics and functions of a condition. BUT, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that it was first diagnosed (as in created) in 1911.

So… We have a timeline for the history of autism. The epidemic started slow. In 1911 with our first case. Logically speaking… since the cause of the epidemic is thimerosal, that means thimerosal was invented in what, 1910?

Unfortunately, this is not true. I say unfortunately, because it would be nice to have a culprit that we could just blame it on. Something we could remove from our lives and it would be an end to new cases of autism… we could cure autism… but this isn’t the case.

Thimerosal was invented in 1927… That’s right… it was invented 16 years after the condition was discovered. Think about that… logically. If thimerosal is the cause of autism… how can it POSSIBLY have caused autism before it was invented…

Think about it. I’ll wait for ya…

I have the answer… in case you were wondering.

What? you want to think about it some more… Cool… go ahead.. take your time!

You heard me… Time travel. Deal.

Time travel. That’s how. It’s really the only way… I mean, that’s the only logical way… and honestly… when we could undo so many other things with the technology, autism creation was a priority… why go back in time and prevent the deep horizon oil spill or barney the dinosaur when we can inflict a debilitating mental condition on the children of the world?

Okay. So… let’s talk some chemistry… because there is further proof that thimerosal isn’t the cause.

Mercury, in it’s elemental form (the silver liquid in old thermometers), is easily and READILY absorbed through the skin. Most cases of mercury poisoning are from skin to liquid contact. So… That means that if you are putting a substance on your skin that contained it… and it causes autism… you’d be autistic, too… right?


That conclusion, while logical, is wrong. That’s not how chemistry works.

You see… elemental mercury is poisonous and is known to cause brain damage… however, once an element is in a compound, it’s properties change. That is, honestly the basics of physics.

Some examples. Sodium, in its elemental state, is a highly reactive metal that will create a small explosion or burn when in contact with water. Sodium chloride is salt. The act of creating a compound changes its behavior…

I was going to show you fiery lakes, but that just brought
up images of christian propaganda. This is really cool though.

Just like when two people date… Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie join to become Brangelina… Felicty Huffman and William H. Macy join to become Filliam H. Muffman… wait… that’s not right. But that is the nature of chemistry… and thank what ever power you believe in… if elements kept their elemental behaviors when in compound, the world would be a great deal different…

Remember what I said? Sodium burns and explodes in water? Sodium chloride is salt. The oceans are filled with salt water… that would be 70% of the planet covered in a solution of burning hell!

Other examples:
H2o= water… we need it to survive/h2o2 is hydrogen peroxide. In high concentration it is HIGHLY dangerous and even poisonous.

That jet pack is powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Nickel is necessary for life… we need trace amounts in our body to fucntion right.
Nickel nitrate is nicknamed “Nick the killer nitrate.” Highly poisonous.

co2 is what you breath out. Carbon monoxide (co) will kill you.

So… combinations change the behavior of the elements that are in compound.

That being said… thimerosal is expelled when you… well… no delicate way to put it. Thimerosal is not processed by the body and gotten rid of when you crap.


Sorry… moral imperative…I had to do it!

Let’s go back to our assumption that thimerosal, containing mercury, behaves like mercury does. If you have it on your skin… doesn’t that mean it will be absorbed by your body? In this world where chemistry doesn’t work right and the oceans are on fire… yes. Yes it does mean that.

So… that means most of our population should be autistic… Like most of it… You see… thimerosal is a brand name for the chemicals… other names include…

Sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate
Ethyl (2-mercaptobenzoato-S) mercury sodium salt
[(o-carboxyphenyl)thio] Ethylmercury sodium salt

The chemical is EVERYWHERE… I mean everywhere… here is a list of common products that most of us have used that contain it.
Cosmetics, including makeup removers, mascara, and eye moisturizers
Desensitizing solutions
Ear, eye, and nose drops
Eye ointments
Merthiolate topical antiseptic
Soap-free cleaners
Some contact lens solutions
Topical medicated sprays
Topical medications
Tuberculin tests
Air conditioner filters
Amalgams (silver fillings)
Auto exhaust
Bleached flour
Calomel (talc, body powders)
Cinnabar (used in jewelry)
Drinking water (tap and well), plumbing and piping
Fabric softeners
Floor waxes and polishes
Paint pigments and solvents
Processed foods
Vegetables and fruits exposed to pesticides
Wood preservatives
Cortisporin® Ophthalmic Suspension
Neosporin® Ophthalmic Solution
Nasal Moist® AF
Neo-Synephrine® Pediatric Formula, Mild Formula, Regular Strength, and Extra Strength Nasal Spray
Coly-mycin® S Otic
Cortisporin® Otic Suspension
Pediotic® Suspension
L’Oreal® Miracle Wear Mascara
Stagelight® Mascara

This is what your understanding of chemistry reminds me of.
This is lady gaga… in chemistry terms. 

So… Yeah… if your flawed understanding of chemistry is accurate… we’re fucked… everyone, and I mean everyone should be autistic… but guess what… their not. Thimerosal is not the cause.

Ironically enough, during the composition of this essay, I’ve been thinking about it, and I kind of wish it were true. My sister and I are both on the autistic spectrum. (she was exposed to no vaccines – another strike against thimerosal being the culprit) We have often thought that if we aspies were the Neurotypicals, (i.e. the normal mode of human consciousness), the planet would be a much better place… So… part of me hopes I am wrong…

For the record…I’m not… but if the astounding happens and I am… I will admit it readily… but til then, don’t come at me with unsupported and already debunked claims about science you know NOTHING about.

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