Yes, All men… ALL MEN

Here’s the thing… #YesAllWomen is important… #NotAllMen seeks to defend the males in our society…

As one of them… I can TRUTHFULLY say… that we all have done something that belongs under the #YesAllWomen… ALL OF US… Even if you can’t recall, or you are an enlightened male… you weren’t always… and just by your presence at time, with the way our society is constructed… you have done it… So have I…

The difference between an enlightened male and an unenlightened male is the one that denies having done it is just as bad as all the rest… the enlightened male knows it’s out there and there is no way to say, honestly, no I haven’t…

You may not be a rapist… you may have never committed violence against women… You may have never oppressed directly… but you have done it… If you have ever spoken up for a woman experiencing harassment, while you are doing the right thing, you are also part of the problem… The very fact that a woman’s sovereignty is so disregarded that you had to step in, proves that you, as a male in this culture are culpable…

We are, at this moment fucked… but it IS getting better… However… you hurt us all by saying #NotAllMen… Sadly #YesAllMen_ALL_MEN

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2 thoughts on “Yes, All men… ALL MEN”

  1. How can a man be part of the problem, for defending a woman? If you’re the one stepping in, it means you’ve seen someone being harassed and it doesn’t appear the person doing it is going to stop and the person being harassed is clearly becoming upset, so you step in to help.
    Blaming every single male on what only a certain amount of them do, is just stupid. It makes as much sense as Christianity teaching people to feel guilty for what some people allegedly did thousands of years ago.
    Getting up someone for trying to help, only makes them not want to help.
    Perhaps guys shouldn’t focus so much on the fact that not all men are assholes and instead focus on not only their behavior but also that of their friends. If they see someone being disrespectful to a woman, say something to them about it. Or would that be considered part of the problem too…?
    Because apparently speaking out against female harassment is wrong.. if your a dude.

    1. Simply put, The fact that men will listen to another man, and not the woman who is saying “back off” is an indication of the problem. Yes, you are helping… but the fact that it was required negates the sovereignty of the woman that you are helping, which hurts.

      It is hard to grasp, and it is a catch-22… but a man stepping in is only enforcing the concept that men’s opinions and behavior are the only thing that matters. The man you are stepping in against is responding to your maleness, not the wrongness of their position, which perpetuates the problem that they are fighting.

      And… as an enlightened male… ALL men are assholes… It is part of our upbringing and our genetics. No matter how much you protest, you have done it… I can say this because I see it… We, not being female, have no frame of reference in our experience that allows us to actually state that we have never been… but I promise you… just based on the language that we use, and you have used here… we are as guilty as the rest of the males of the species…

      This is not a time to defend us or our gender… but to empower those around us… defending ourselves or our gender actually minimizes their experience, and I, for one refuse to do that.

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