I’m much better now.

I gave you some of the downsides of bipolar last night… and touched a little on why mixed bipolar is such a weird and dangerous thing…

But today… after the depressive swing… I woke up MANIC… I could go ten rounds with mighty Thor and not feel a thing… Godzilla ain’t got nothing on me! (the previous statement was not intended as a challenge to the copyright of ANYONE and was intended for parody purposes only) This is, however, a challenge to Godzilla… Bring it, punk!

Acutally, I am just feeling better… The upside to bipolar is the manic phase… It is also one of the down sides… the brain is spinning completely out of control… thoughts are racing, focus is an issue, (I have ADHD on top of it so my brain is kind of like a nuclear fission demonstration), and we get grumpy… without realizing it… Seriously… great mood.. Tick tock…. RAWR!!!!
Kind of like this…
No… no… NOTHING like that. That… well… That was just disturbing… I can’t tell if that was a cute lesbian, an effeminate hipster or an emo… but I think I am now scarred for life… I … I am so sorry…
ROCK IT AWAY, ROCK IT AWAY!!! No, this is not a statement that James Hetfield should come and blow that image away with rock music… but instead, picture a blue haired giant of a man in tattered combat BDUs (Military for pants) and a superman shirt sitting in the corner… His head on his knees, piteously wailing and rocking back and forth… That is what the above video just did to me… and since I can’t find an appropriate photo… here is something kind of, sort of, peripherally related…

This is a demonstration of an Asperger’s, Bipolar, ADHD brain right after coffee on an upswing!
I am feeling better. 
For your enjoyment… Fuck the zoloft egg. 
Take that, you stupid, sad egg. 
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