Emily Gras… There is hope…

This blog story moved me more than I can say.

This is the center piece of the parade in question – MUSES!

Amy, the mother of a very special little autistic girl (Emily) took her daughter to the Mardi Gras parade of the Krewe of Muses. A drunken college student pushed to the front with a group of his friends, in spite of the fact that Amy and Emily had been waiting for hours before the parade to start.

As the parade started, the man had blocked Emily’s view completely and had spilled beer on her. When Amyasked him to move, this ass ruined Emily’s Mardi Gras experience.

This butt-weasel called her a retard.

I will repeat it because it bears repeating. HE CALLED HER A RETARD.

The following quotes are excerpts from Amy’s blog.

“This woman is bitching at me because her retard daughter can’t see the parade!”
“This retard is making watching the parade a challenge.”

It has taken me a couple days to respond to this because I was already in an alternate universe of pissed off… Ironically enough, because of issues just like this. Read about that here.

This is Henry Rollins. He is expressing my rage at this situation. 

I cannot believe that in this day and age that anyone, anywhere, any when and any how can think that this is acceptable behavior. Amy was too nice to say anything to him about it, and Emily was reduced to tears. The parade she had been anxiously waiting on for months had been ruined by a dick.

Emily actually said “No, Mama. I don’t think that would be a good idea. People there will probably think I’m a retard, too. People don’t want people like me at parades. They won’t let us in to watch the parade. I just know it.” -and- “No, Mama. I don’t think I want to do Mardi Gras anymore. Not ever again.”

I cannot even begin to express my displeasure. I actually had an apoplectic fit when I read this.

I have explained before that it is the self-important, self-entitled pains in the ass that come to New Orleans and think that they should have full run of the city without any repercussions are ruining my city. Yes. My city. I live here. I love it. I share it with the rest of the NOLA residents… it’s ours, but that makes it mine as well. I mean, first the Alabama Tea-bagger (That blog entry is here), and now this.

Listen up! All hate-mongers pay heed. We are taking back New Orleans. You are not welcome here. At all!


The Krewe of Muses (Here’s their homepage) heard about this event. I have to say that their reaction is a great deal more uplifting that anything I could muster. It was a far site more constructive, as well. While I can only envision gore and dismemberment of the offender (what do you expect? Bipolar, autism spectrum disorder and misanthropy and all!), Muses made Emily’s day.

Muses organized “Emily Gras.” Muses threw her a private parade. The 610 stompers, the Pussyfooters, the Rolling Elvi and the Muff-A-Lottas have all thrown private events for Emily. A group of veterans has offered to be her personal honor guard for any parade she wants to go to next year.

This story moved me to tears. Honestly. I hope I get to see Emily on a float next year.

“Bailiff! Thwap his pee-pee!”
“Yes, your honor.”

But I tell you this… I am done with the BS from these self-important entitled fuck-wits that come to New Orleans. I am advocating a return to the corporal punishment of the Napoleonic law we live under in New Orleans. I am serious! Anyone caught pulling the kind of bullshit that this guy did should get one of these, right to the groin.

Amy – If you ever end up reading this, I hope that you know how many of us support you. I hope you know how many of us would have stepped in, had we witnessed it. I hope you know that you and Emily are a part of the New Orleans family and are loved.

As I said on my twitter feed: Aspie support from the Kitty Corner. In case you don’t speak my particular version of odd… Nothing but love!

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