Travel (a brief poem on Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Travel (a brief poem on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
by Kristopher Hoffman (that’s me)

I don’t see a they or them.
I only see us.

we are all in the same boat.
It’s the same journey
A ship of fools.

There is no They.

It’s us versus them.
Yet, if there is no they – no them
Who is the enemy?
Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun
a gun of misfiring, misfit, miswiring

I have seen the enemy
I have seen the enemy and he looks terribly familiar
Miswired misfit of a misfired society

It’s hard to aim in the mirror.

I have seen the enemy
and the enemy is not they…
it is us.

We are all on the same boat
We are all screwed
Screwed together on the same boat
The same boat on choppy waters
swaying, dangling ftom the yard arm
Taken where ever the wind blows.

There is no they
Not that I can see
I only see us.

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