Birthday Celebrations and Nitro-methane

A couple weeks ago, while driving my T-maxx 3.3 RC truck, I accidentally drive it into a deep puddle and destroyed the radio system. I felt like a complete dumb-ass. I’ve always said that if you’re not breaking things on Nitro trucks, you’re not having fun. We tend to push them REALLY hard, and they can only take so much.

ANYWAY… for my birthday, my good friend Gina bought me a new receiver for my truck, so today, we took some duct tape, a flip cam and went out to City Park in New Orleans, LA. 

This vlog is dedicated to my main man… erm… Gina!

As you can tell, I really enjoy RC vehicles. This specific truck is made by Traxxas. It’s the complete remake of their popular T-maxx. I love this thing.

Nitromethane is my anti-drug. 

This. This stuff right here. It’s my anti-drug.

Images in this issue SHAMELESSLY stolen from the following sources:

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