We are shooting tomorrow… so here’s a treat!

I’ve been talking about the film making process a lot lately…

In case you missed it… Film making is boring!
My reason for talking about it so much is that we are getting ready to shoot the first episode of our series (Web series right now… aiming for television, but probably won’t get there… BUT we might be able to get it on netflix… but this is all off topic) THIS WEEKEND. 
I’ve explained what goes into film making… I was pretty vague… and I will probably outline every step of the process in the not too distant future… but for the time being, you have an idea. 
We’ve done the paper work… though I need to get a couple things printed out and the truck packed and a couple more emails to make sure everyone is ready… get some sandwich stuff, bug spray, sunscreen… 
Well… there’s a lot more to do… 
Yesterday, however, I spent the day yesterday… yes, the whole day… making the intro for the series… It doubles as a trailer. When I say I spent the whole day doing it… we’re talking from 11am to midnight. 13 hours with a break for lunch… 
Remember how, I said film making was boring? Did I mention tedious?
Anyway… Enjoy!
It’s coming soon… watch for it!
The image featured in this episode SHAMELESSLY stolen from the following source:
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