That’s it! Fuck the universe! Really! It can just bugger off…

Today… today is a rant… Plain and simple. No making a point, no being funny… just plain vitriol.

Fuck religious fundamentalists. I am so tired of the hate. I am tired of these fuck-heads taking what is a religion of love and perverting it to suit their own brain-dead hatreds and petty differences. And I’m not talking about christians…I am talking about all of them. This includes atheists… for those of you who don’t know – atheism is it’s own religion.

Atheism: n; the doctrine or belief that there is no God.

They spend a great deal of time decrying the beliefs of others when they, like the christians CANNOT prove their side of the argument…

Fuck Hurricane Isaac. I spent a week without power. I was stressed, hot, unwell… and now am sick from the mold and have a fungal skin infection. In fact… Fuck weather.

Fuck the DNC and RNC… As Louis Black once said – “Our two party system is a bowl of shit looking at itself in the mirror.”

Westboro Baptist Church… yeah, fuck those guys up their stupid asses.

Fuck Obama… Not for the reasons everyone else says, but because he signed a bill that legalized unlawful detainment of american citizens… Fuck that.

Fuck those people that blame Obama for everything… and before them, Bush… The president has some power, but the people that make the laws that you are bitching about, (you dumbfucks) are our legislative branch. You want things fixed, then force accountability by paying fucking attention and voting them out of office. You and only you, by your complacence and laziness are responsible for this country’s downfall. STFU and fix it.

Fuck these kids right here… Yup, these fuckers right here.

Fuck stupid people. Not mentally handicapped, but those ignorant fuckers responsible for the state of the world todat

Fuck Tree Huggers. We know! The environment is all fucked up.. but yelling at me isn’t going to change that.

Fuck the war on women and those people who wage it.

Fuck people who brag about doing dumb things (like the ability to drive home drunk).

 People who drive slow in the fast lane and people who drive fast in the slow lane.

Telemarketers from OTHER COUNTRIES

Fuck the following people
Fucking Mallrat kids
The Mall (because of the kids)
Willingly ignorant people
People who dump thousands into POS cars but not to repair the car
People without basic respect
Soccer Moms
Cars with TVs in them
Modern Education
People who use religion as an excuse for violence
People who litter
Hip Hop Music
People who hate on Nickelback for no apparent reason
Teenie Boppers
People who are overly sensitive
Ungrateful People
People (in general)
Republicans, Liberals and Democrats

Just fuck it.

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