An open letter to Obama and Congress. *WARNING – POLITICAL VIEWS*

No images in this one… because I use those to enhance the humor of the situation… and there is no humor here. 

Congress/Mr President,

I respectfully ask… why are we 1) aiding the terrorists that we have been fighting for so long? It is common knowledge that al queda and the syrian rebels work together. 2) why are we becoming terrorists ourselves… we are launching missiles in a country, against a government that has NOTHING TO DO WITH US… that is a terrorist action. 3) Why? Just why?

Mr President,
You were supposed to be the chosen one… you vowed to stop these actions and stop these wars… to protect the people and make us a respectable country again… and you have lied to us… the people who believed in you… you are turning our country into the most hated regime in the world… and that includes syria and egypt. Simply put… why are you fucking it all up… we have no business there… So they used chemical weapons… how is that any fucking different than dying from the bullets the government is using… or the knives the rebels behead people with… they used it against a fuck head who ate another man’s internal organs and had a bus of people beheaded… it is a civil war… it has nothing to do with us… and there’s not even any oil there… You called Bush on his bullshit after you took over… but now, you are doing the same thing… and you don’t even have the decency to lie about it… you’re just going in guns ablazing…

HOW DARE YOU approve this action. HOW DARE YOU commit our troops… our friends, comrades and children to a war in the middle east… another war in the middle east… You should be ashamed of yourselves… How about you turn your eyes inward and look at the problems at home… like you should have been all fucking along… The economy is in ruins… corrupt bankers and corruption amongst your own are ruining this country… You gave corporations rights as people and that gave them carte blanche to RAPE the american people, the countryside, the environment and the economy. Your actions and refusal to take care of business… like the housing collapse, the banks almost collapsing, detroit going bankrupt… BP not being actually held responsible, the destruction of the lousiana coast as a result, american jobs being shipped over seas… all of these and much, much more, are a symptom of the corruption and complete lack of accountability that you have let run rampant… It is because of you, that this country is in shambles… Each of you should resign in response to gross incompetence and dereliction of duty… and SHAME for what you have done to our once great nation.

Mark my words gentlemen… because you allow the subjugation of the masses… because you allow the lack of a living wage to continue even as the government slowly hemorrhages money because you don’t enforce taxes on BIG CORPORATIONS… because you don’t take the responsibilities outlined by your oath of office and let people starve in the streets… and I hold you responsible for that, too… Because you facilitate this and allow it to happen… we are nearing a precipice…

The disparity of incomes has reached the same point that spurred the Bolshevik and French Revolutions… Do you think that the American people (an astonishingly brutal and savage nation of people, i might add) will take this for ever? Don’t you fear the uprising that is on the horizon? Or are you just too blind, or fat and complacent to engage in the speculation that it might actually happen. Keep pushing and, as opposed to falling into oblivion, the people will push back… and frankly… unlike past historical revolutions… the military will not back action against the people… In america, the military isn’t born from the ruling class… they are men and women like me, like my father and uncles and grandfather… like the friend staying on my couch and his fiancee, my friends from high school and college… And you will not get them to commit the atrocities that you see in syria, egypt and iraq… So… please… choose wisely…

In closing…I want to be proud of my country…I want to say “America is the best place in the world!”  But… i can’t… not with you in charge… not with how you take teh constitution, the laws, and the flag and wipe your asses with it… All I can say is… “I’m american… and I’m sorry.”

Dissolutioned in New Orleans

UPDATE: YES…I know that the word is Disillusioned. I have purposely turned the noun, dissolution into the gerund form of the word. I did this because I had no illusions about this situation to be removed, but because I am dissolving into  rage, despair and disgust at the situation. This is not a typo…but it is an intentional misuse of the word. 

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to Obama and Congress. *WARNING – POLITICAL VIEWS*”

  1. Exactly how I feel. This whole thing with Syria is internal, we have literally nothing to do with it. And you’re absolutely correct, the current administration has to go, hopefully if we can force a mass resignation in congress and the instatement of new members we might be able to salvage what’s left of our nations appearence and dignity.

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