The Adventures of Captain Aspie – Part 3: Super Bowl Ads and Coca-Cola

The sportsball mega cup was last night… As you can tell – I don’t care about sports… unless the New Orleans’ Saints are in the super bowl. ANYWAY… Coca-cola ran the following advertisement.

So… This ad pissed A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF… BECAUSE… well… near as I can tell… RACISM.

People were screaming about how they “F*&KED UP THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (America the Beautiful is not our national anthem, idiots)… That’s here.

People are pissed that they ruined the song with foreign languages (even though all the performers and actors in the ad are AMERICAN CITIZENS), and someone even called the ad “UnAmerican.”

All of this crapstorm has centered on one fact… “This is ‘Murica… We speak English here!”

I have news for all you racist asshats out there… We don’t speak english… we speak AMERICAN ENGLISH, which is a vastly divergent language than the queen’s English.

FOR THE RECORD… The native americans spoke many different languages BEFORE there were English speakers…

I live in Louisiana which was SPANISH speaking and then FRENCH SPEAKING before English. Northern Seaboard was French first before English.

And archaeological digs have revealed viking artifacts in areas like Indiana before English or French settlers ever got there…

But no one that was raised in this country speaks English. They speak American English, and that is a drastically different language…

But if you feel that people should speak the language of the land you need to learn Acolapissa, Adai, Apalachee, Apalachicola, Appalousa, Atakapa, Avoyel, Bayogoula, Biloxi, or any one of the 31 native American tribal languates that was here first.

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1 thought on “The Adventures of Captain Aspie – Part 3: Super Bowl Ads and Coca-Cola”

  1. What is REALLY funny about this is: America the Beautiful was written by a lesbian woman. For all those bigots and haters out there, the lyrics to this moving, loving anthem was created by a woman you’d slam and attack today…It was never “yours” to begin with…Can’t really claim something was “destroyed/ruined” by a “liberal agenda” when the very origins of it were grounded in love and a celebration of ALL Americans, not the weird xtain white straight club exclusively.

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