Vaccinate your children…

If you have children and you choose to not get them vaccinated, I have no time for you in my life. Simply put, you are putting your child at risk… SERIOUS RISK – disability, blindness, brain damage and even death…

With the vaccines that are currently in use, there is a .0000008% chance of serious complications. Those complications are minor compared to the damage that can be caused by these diseases. YOU ARE RISKING YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!

So… If you are going to do that. If you are going to risk your child’s life, and the lives of children too young to be vaccinated… I will support your choice. But I will also advocate the following.

1) That you and your children cannot attend public school or any public place, function, etc. Isolation is the only way to ensure that they will remain safe.

2) MANDATORY classes on how the body works… EDUCATION IS KEY.

3) That if your child gets sick, dies, or is permanently effected by an EASILY vaccination prevented disease – you are brought up on charges. This is abuse, plain and simple.

4) Realize the impact of these diseases. (http://www.nature.com/srep/2014/140401/srep04541/full/srep04541.html) When we come into contact with isolated tribes… THEY DIE.

But, what ever you do… don’t tell me about the danges of Vaccines. If you post about the dangers of Vaccination without sharing the facts of vaccines, I will be accusing you of conspiracy to commit abuse and murder of children. I will tell you that you have no leg to stand on. I will show you study after study after study that supports my position and you will not be able to do the same, as there are NONE that do. I will call you on the fact that you are being WILLINGLY ignorant, and willingly endangering lives.

So… go ahead and block me now. There will be no hard feelings… but I won’t be nice about it. Willing ignorance and stupidity enrage me… and I wage war on them. You’ve been warned.

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